Therapeutic Benefits of Bingo

Therapeutic Benefits of Bingo

admin September 7, 2018

This game of cards chips numbered spheres and tombola, has accompanied the human being for many centuries, providing entertainment and fun, however, rarely recognize and share the therapeutic benefits and pedagogical benefits that this legendary game has.


Many psychological and scientific studies have highlighted the positive influence that bingo has on our brain, since it stimulates brain waves by developing and strengthening attention, memory and concentration, while improving perception, mathematical skills, coordination and the creativity.


This interesting board game has been taken to classrooms for pedagogical purposes and has been implemented as a psychotherapeutic tool to treat depressions and cognitive problems in people of all ages, which gives it an important category that goes beyond the game and fun. Among the therapeutic benefits that can be assigned to bingo.


It develops and increases analytical capacity, memory and concentration. Many adaptations of this game have served as a tool to learn mathematical operations and reinforce learning in different academic areas.


Strengthens the intellect, develops coordination and provides the basis for socialization, control of emotions and management of frustration. It is a social game par excellence, which unites groups of friends, contributes to social causes and is one of the preferred choices of the elderly.


The game produces in the brain stimuli of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which reduces stress; acetylcholine, which promotes concentration; endorphins, which decrease neuronal tension and dopamine, which facilitates motor function.


Bingo applied in a pedagogical, psychological and therapeutic way strengthens the observation capacity, the response to stimuli and the logical thinking of the individual, in such a way that rules are followed, decisions are made and objectives are achieved.


Bingo in adults

Bingo is part of the most acclaimed gambling by casino players around the world, as this game designed in the world of odds offers excitement, entertainment, intellectual challenge and many possibilities to win a few coins, at the same time that is socialized and has fun.


This game in adults strengthens cognitive functions, memory, coordination and concentration, also stimulates the electronic connections of the brain helping to keep the mind active, decreasing muscle tensions and promoting learning.


Gambling houses with online platforms provide a large number of bingo versions, where visitors have the chance to put the luck to test by participating in an active way, in real time with players from around the world, in bingo Live.


You can also enjoy the multiple options offered by the online versions, where you can play at any time of the day, without having to leave your favorite place and just connect from the mobile device, the tablet or the laptop to the Different adaptive App that offers the best casinos in the world.