Have you ever been in a conversation among gamblers where the words “Flush”,” Straight” and “Royal Flush” are used and felt out of place? The people must be talking about a poker game that they played. For an outsider, Poker will definitely look a tough game.

It is impossible to understand poker by just reading the rules are having another person teach it to you. The best way to learn poker is by actually playing it.

There are different versions of poker but the base rules are all the same. Everyone at the table is dealt with 2 (or) 5 cards depending on the type of poker played and the big blind is set. The big blind is a betting amount which has to be put in irrespective of the card that the first player is dealt with. The person next to the big blind is the small blind which is half the amount. The blinds go around in round robin fashion.

A player can choose to fold their cards at any point of the game, should they feel that they have no chance to win. They will lose the entire amount that they bet prior to the fold. A person can also raise the stakes when they are confident that no other player has a stronger hand. But a person can also raise the stakes with a weaker hand hoping that the others will think he has a stronger hand. It may seem a very difficult game but once several hands have been dealt, it is very hard to stop.


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