Poker evolved from many ancient variants of its own, to what we know it as of today, as the world’s most popular card game. Most recent piece of poker history being carried from the French people, to the Americas by a bunch of immigrants. The game spread from the French settlements up north with the Mississippi, all thanks to the gold rush, and the rest as they say is history.

Betting is blatantly a modern addition to the game, but turns out to be the most captivating aspect of the game. Betting, eventually turns up to winning the pot for you, but requires the utmost skill at the table. Poker Betting has several play forms as in Open, Call, Check, Raise and Fold.

Opening a bet refers to the first bet being placed in the poker table. In the standard version of the game, no player, the poker hand, as generally referred to as, is forced to place a bet. So, as the betting round begins, a player may either ‘open’ a bet with the desired amount or may ‘check’, that is to pass the betting opportunity without placing a bet, simply put, one ‘passes the buck’ when he/she checks at the poker table.

To ‘call’ a bet, is to place a bet in the poker table, thus equalizing the previous bet in the table. A poker hand can also ‘raise’ a bet as in to increase the betting amount in the pot. The raise in standard format games can be only equal or greater than the ‘call’ amount, not any less. But, if a player has table stakes less than the raise amount, this can be overruled.

‘Fold’ is to withdraw from betting, as to represent by placing the cards face down on the table or even by verbal indications.

Poker Betting

Poker can either be played with ‘real money’ or poker chips. Poker chips are the most generally used variant of the either, to facilitate control over betting amount, fairness at the table and to ensure authentic participation of the poker hands. These poker chips need to be purchased from the host in Casinos or from the service portal in online poker events. The card rooms or the host rules apply to the amount represented by the poker chips, their denominations and so forth.

In a poker table, the game play is always carried out in the clockwise direction. The first player puts up the ‘ante’ into the pot and the betting round is initiated by the person sitting to his left. The ‘ante’ is not a bet, but the mandatory amount paid to the pot to make up for the expenses at the poker table as in play table space, refreshments, host, decks of cards and such. In home games of poker, the ante is even sometimes used for celebrations. The ‘ante’ in the pot also serves another important incitation in the form of it being a ‘blind’ bet.

A blind bet is the rakes splashed into the pot to incite potential winners to make a move at the table. If a player has suspicions of a tough hand, he may not risk his chips, when he is not going to win anything but gets to keep only his chips if his hand wins. The blind bet can be a incitement at hand to win something more than one’s own bet and thus making the game more interesting.


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