Advantages Of Bingo In The Third Age

Advantages Of Bingo In The Third Age

admin August 31, 2018

Mental health play bingo

An investigation carried out in the University Southampton, England, certified that the bingo does well to the health, especially to the people of the third age. In addition, it generates that they connect to Internet, since it is feasible to find a great variety of free bingo games.


As in bingo, it is necessary to verify quickly that the number drawn is on his card, the player works with mental speed. This creates that the player encourages their attention and can reason with more agility. That is, they do not want to waste the opportunity to win by not having concentration.


It is also necessary that the better can indicate the number on the card, with a feather X, a grain of bean or with the “mouse” for those who play online. Establishing this, the person ends up practicing his visual and motor coordination, which according to the investigation, ceases with the passage of time.


Over the years, many elderly people cease the habit of performing exercises for the stimulation of reasoning. Therefore, playing bingo is excellent to keep the mind agile. As time passes, people’s minds become more fragile and they cannot remember things with great skill.


The advantage is that the players have fun

Young people, as well as senior citizens, have to fun. Getting new friends is a form of fun for some people. Bingo is perfect even to cure, for example, depression and facilitate adjustment to retirement. You can play free rounds many times, also meet new people; the main thing is that bingo players are very happy.


Bingo, both online and traditional, is not only fun but also give the brain all the necessary activity to keep it active. After several studies many specialists decided to start using bingo games in their workshops.


This would show that, in spite of the not so positive comments that continually receive the games of chance, the physical or electronic bingo can help to improve our functions and health.


The game reduces stress and anxiety

As human beings, we crave the need to play because it is instinctive and fundamental to human existence. With the game we leave our problems aside. If you have problems try to play.


The game reduces the states of conflict

Studies have revealed that gambling is an antidote to violent tendencies and is a powerful catalyst for positive socialization. People who avoid can get lost in the world of fear, anger and obsessive worry.


The game offers us the opportunity to choose alternatives to struggle, conflict and concern, which are healthier and more positive, and that foster a sense of belonging and connection with other people.


The game can increase your feeling of lightness

In the game, we are all children. Without the burden of self-awareness, we are caught in the moment. Impregnated with pleasure, we feel light. Optimism is restored. This changes our perspective, stimulates creativity.


Playing regularly increases longevity

We lead a very hectic life which leads to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. The inclusion of the game in our routine can keep you emotionally balanced and can reduce anxiety, which can contribute to a healthier and longer life.